Anti Interference Automatic Tour Guide System With RFID Card 2 Years Guarantee

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The C7 device has two functions:


1. Automatic function

It consist of transmitter and receiver, after visitors enter the explanation area with the device, it can automatically play the explanation words in the current area through the signal transmitter installed on the site.This function requires the distance between two site be more than 5 meters. If the distance is less than 5 meters, the signal transmitter is prone to serial frequency, so it is not recommended to use.


1. Click function

Visitors carry the device, click the NFC card with the bottom of the device, it will play the current exhibits explanation words. It suitable for museums, art galleries, other exhibits with relatively small spacing exhibition hall, the system has no requirements on the exhibits distance.


C7 product feature                                                                                               


1. RFID technology
2. The coverage of each transmitter area 0.5 meters ~ 30meters can be adjusted;
3. Economic environmental protection:  lithium battery rechargeable function for more than 15 hours of continuous use;
4. Position singal transmitter continuous working time is not less than 24 months!



* The museum
* Convention and exhibition center
* Universities and education organizations
* Entertainment or Performing Arts, Enhanced personalized audio
* Athletic Stadiums or Arenas
* Art, the gallery
* Government
* Hospitality or Tourism
* Houses of Worship – Mosque, Church, Cathedral, Synagogue
* Manufacturing – Factory Tour
* Research center




007B Automatic Tour Guide System With LCD Screen , Black Tour Guide Microphone System





Name Value
Automatic induction: Radio frequency and infrared induction,for far and near distance demand;
Accuracy of 0.5 meters to 30 meters, more than 30 meters can be customized;
Power supply: Lithium battery power supply;
Dimensions: 75*58*13mmmm;
Audio Mode: mp3
weight: 50g
Languages 8 language for optional
Storage mode: Adaptive Flash;


Recommended Accessories                                                                        


Mono headphone





Charger (1 for 10)



Charging box




Packaging & Shipping                                                                               




Packaging Details: Standard export packing. One unit with one independent box.




 DHL/FedEx/UPS/EMS: 3-7 workdays




Our Service                                                                                                


Customized Logo
Free logo printing will be offered if order quantity is above 300pcs.


Our Warranty
2 Years warranty for all Transmitter & Receiver.


Spare Parts

A proportion of spare parts will be shipped along with formal orders.


About us                                                                                                    


HEFEI HUMANTEK. CO., LTD.a part of YingTe Group,is a leading manufacturer of audio guide and tour guide system in China,Established in 2002,Located in Electrical and Mechanical Industrial Park of Hefei High-tech Zone,ANHUI,CHINA. With more than 30,000 square meters workshop.We are specialised in producing tourism electronic product,develop and produce intelligent Audio Guide product,and also provide a full range of technical support and services.


With our strong technical strength,Our products have advantages of Long transmission distance,low interference,portable and reliable performance which can be widely used in Tourists,museums,travel companies,factories,government agencies and technology center…













Q: How about your warranty?

A: 24 months.

Q: How about your production time?

A: 3-5 working days for orders below 300 pcs.
     5-8 working days for orders below 1000 pcs.

Q: How about the using time if charge with full battery?

A:  Up to 12 hours.

Q: How about your charge time?

A: It takes about 2~3 hours to be fully charged.




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