Museum tour guide equipment for individual visitors in museums.

 News     |     July 26, 2023
        Museums always welcome most of the visitors during holidays or weekends, because museums, as carriers of cultural history, will choose to visit museums when they want to know some cultural stories, so how can museums provide these visitors with audio explanations other than manual explanations? After all, most of the visitors still like to learn about the exhibits or cultural relics in the museum while walking. If they follow the guide, then there is no way to take a leisurely visit, but the museum tour guide is now a kind of equipment for these individual tourists who visit leisurely. The museum tour guide can play audio for visitors at any time, providing visitors with real-time audio explanations, so that visitors can go where they go and talk about where they are when they visit, and the museum tour guide does not distinguish the order of arrival of visitors. As long as they walk to the cultural relics displayed in the museum, they can play the complete explanation, so that every visitor can hear it clearly.
       So, how does the museum tour guide realize this real-time voice broadcast function? This function can be realized by installing signal transmitters. We first understand the locations where the cultural relics are displayed in the museum, and then install the signal transmitters on these display positions, but the distance between each installation point should not be less than 5 meters to prevent signal interference. And this signal transmitter has its own signal range. Visitors only need to bring the museum tour guide equipment to the side of the cultural relics, and they can sense and trigger the current audio explanation. Compared with manual explanations, it is more intelligent and convenient. For visitors, this can also have sufficient freedom of visit, and at the same time, they don't need to worry about the difficulty of understanding cultural relics. The museum tour guide also has a multilingual explanation mode, which can satisfy visitors of different nationalities, so that visitors with small languages can easily understand the stories of the cultural relics in the museum when they visit.