It turns out that the audio guide still has these advantages!

 News     |     July 20, 2023
        The team reception is noisy, can't you hear the explanation? Can't hear you? Try the audio guide quickly. Not only can one-to-many ultra-clear explanations be achieved, but it is also free from surrounding interference and noise. The audio guide system is a device that can be used in different scenarios such as corporate reception, museum exhibition hall visit, factory visit, education and training, etc. It is composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The main talker uses the transmitter to speak, and connects the transmitter to a microphone worn on the head to speak. It does not require the speaker to increase his speech volume all the time. He only needs to speak normally to pass the transmitter to the receiver. Listening visitors wear the receiver on their ears to listen, not only can clearly hear the speaker's speech, but also don't have to follow the speaker closely, as long as they stay within the signal range of the audio guide, they can listen to the explanation.
audio guide
audio guide
        This way of using the explanation equipment makes our team reception no longer complicated and troublesome. As long as we use the transmitter to speak, the receiver can hear it clearly. Compared with using small bee and other equipment, it can be said to be much more convenient, and there will be no noise. In addition to the above advantages, the audio guide also has a one-button linking function. When the transmitter is turned on, it can automatically match the channel before shutting down, so there is no need for customers to re-link. The one-button shutdown mode is also convenient for customers to work after use. There are also special charging boxes and storage boxes that can accommodate multiple devices for charging at one time. The emergence of the audio guide greatly facilitates the reception work of the team, and also eases the explaining work of the speaker. After all, the voice is prone to fatigue when speaking at high volume for a long time, but the audio guide equipment equipment can be heard clearly even in a soft voice.
audio gudie