The mini-program audio guide provides the best help for tourists to visit the sce

 News     |     January 09, 2023
        Everyone knows that in addition to artificial tour guides, there are mini-program audio guide in scenic spots, so what are the mini-program audio guide? In addition to the well known tour guide, the types of mini audio guide also include mini-program tours, QR code tours, etc. Today we will talk about what kind of mini-program audio guide is. First of all, there are generally many tourist attractions in scenic spots. When we visit these scenic spots, we must understand the culture of these scenic spots. Then the mini-program audio guide can provide me with such audio explanation services. The mini-program audio guide does not require tour guide explanations, nor does it need to use other devices. The owner needs to use his mobile phone to scan the mini program and follow it. In this way, when we want to know about attractions, we can directly select the attraction and play the voice, at the same time, it can also provide tourists with the distribution of scenic spots in the scenic spot, so that tourists can better visit the scenic spot.
audio guide
audio guide
        The small-program audio guide can present the overall facilities of the scenic spot, so that tourists can find them directly when they need them, which saves some time and can also give more fun and freedom to play. Because many people don't like to travel with a group nowadays, they feel that there will be a sense of restraint and a sense of time urgency, but if individual tourists choose to rent a guide device, they sometimes forget to return it, so the mini-program audio guide is a better choice up. Tourists only need to scan with their mobile phones to have an electronic tour guide to guide them throughout the tour. Even if you don't know the route, the mini-program audio guide will guide you and provide the best tour route. Moreover, the mini program guide can also tell you the nearby restaurants, service desks, bathrooms, etc., so that you don't have to search blindly when you need it, just follow the route provided by the mini program guide to find it. The tour guide is also a good assistant to visit the scenic spot.
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