Portable audio guide system to achieve one talk more listen to the call mode.

 News     |     January 19, 2022
    Portable audio guide system is a mini and durable guide explainer system, designed for such as tourism guide, exhibition hall, multi-language interpretation and on-site conference teaching, easy to realize one talk more listen wireless communication mode! The portable audio guide system is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack and can be used with all headphones or assistive in-ear headphones. The receiver is easy and intuitive to operate. Each channel can be set for audio storage size and can be displayed on the display alongside website content such as channel numbers and battery information. Higher reception frequencies provide greater flexibility and adaptability while providing a very high level of transmission stability and reliability.
 portable audio guide system

portable audio guide system
    Advantages of portable audio guide system:
1, Original sound restore speech clarity;
2, Chinese and English explan, solve the translation problem;
3, Easy to operate;
4, Portable and durable;
5, Tourists can listen to the explanation at any time and anywhere to avoid the situation that the tour guide cannot hear clearly caused by the crowded crowd;
6, Support multiple groups of visitors to use at the same time, can be integrated into a non-interference interpretation system, to achieve very large usability;
7, The price is cheaper than manual explanation.
portable audio guide system