Audio guide system to improve the level of tourism.

 News     |     December 16, 2021
     Audio guide system adopts RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, change the current backward artificial scenic spot museum guide. Just pre-set the transmitter in the area you need to explain, when visitors with access to scenic areas or museum tour machine launchers area, which can automatically through the headset receiver to receive the interpretation of the region. Just like an automatic tour guide, go to where, explain to where, not a word leakage, effectively reduce the noise pollution of the scenic spot, for each scenic spot to create a good tourism environment! 
audio guide system
audio guide system
     Audio guide system is fully intelligent automatic voice guide highlights the grade of scenic spots, suitable for tourism scenic spots, museums and other places where the guide is needed. Advantages of using a audio guide system:
1, Realize high-tech automatic guided tour without guide.
2, Greatly reduce the cost of scenic spots hiring tour guides, but also do not have to cause a waste of human resources.
3, Improve the grade of scenic spots.
4, Convenient for tourists to self-help tour.
audio guide system