Travel institutions launch measures against coronavirus breakout

 Industry News     |     March 13, 2020
Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

The Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) issued the notice on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus during the return period of the Spring Festival travel rush, requiring all civil aviation departments to further focus on the prevention and control measures of passenger flow.

All airports should ensure that all inbound and outbound passengers get temperature checks and complete the passenger information registration.

CAAC requires all transport airlines and airports to continue in suggesting passengers to wear masks through various ways such as onboard broadcasting, setting up warning signs in terminal buildings.

China's Ministry of Transport announced measures to guarantee the smooth flow of traffic during the returning Spring Festival travel rush.

Local transport authorities are not allowed to close expressways or block main highways at the national and provincial levels for epidemic prevention and control, the ministry said in a circular.

But, they may work with public security and health departments to regulate traffic and check the body temperature of passengers at entry and exit points of expressways, provincial borders, expressway service stations, state and provincial trunk highways and rural roads.

"Hard isolation" methods, such as excavations and erecting road-blocks, aimed at hindering rural road traffic, are also forbidden, said the ministry.

Among the industries affected by the epidemic, tourism as a typical service industry has been impacted for a long time and will recover relatively slowly. Many people cancel or suspend their travel plans and online bookings, which brings great pressure on travel agencies and related enterprises.

The World Tourism Organization said in a statement recently that the Chinese government is "fast and resolute" in responding to the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus. The statement noted that tourism industry's cooperation is essential to control the spread of the virus and limit its impact to the society. It is also the responsibility of tourists to fully understand the situation of the epidemic before traveling, and to comply with the requirements of travel institutions and departments.

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