Suzhou Classical Gardens reopen after temporary closure amid epidemic

 Industry News     |     March 06, 2020
Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

A group of 10 classical gardens of Suzhou, including some UNESCO world heritage sites, reopened to visitors Friday in eastern China's Jiangsu Province, after temporary closure amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Tourists have to book or reserve their admission tickets online seven days in advance with valid identity cards. Before entering the scenic areas, they should take temperature detection and wear masks.

The administrators of the scenic spots will also control the number of visitors, limiting the number of daily tourists below 20 percent of that in normal days.

The tour route is in one direction, and tour guides are temporarily unavailable.

About a 20 minute ride by high-speed train from Shanghai, Suzhou is home to the relics of a 2,500-year-old ancient city and more than 100 classical gardens, with nine of them listed as UNESCO world heritage sites.

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