how to use the Yingmi Tour guide System

 News     |     October 22, 2019
With the improvement of people's living conditions, more and more people go out of the house to have a trip.For example, after many scenic spots banned the use of loudspeakers, tour guides are also using Yingmi Tour guide System.In this way, it really reduces the disturbing situation and makes the tourists enjoy their tour more, so that everyone knows it and knows why.
tour guide system
How to use the Yingmi Tour guide System, it is very simple, today teach you these tricks, after learning a few seconds will operate  Tour guide System,Yingmi Tour guide Syste is composed of  transmitter,  receiver and  charging box. It adopts an integrated design and can be worn directly by ear hook.At the same time, the internal setting adopts the international universal frequency band, unlimited frequency band, which supports one person to speak and thousands of people to listen.Each band has a separate ID, anti - serial frequency, anti - interference, anti - eavesdropping.

It has the functions of one-key frequency modulation and one-key power off. At the same time, there is a 3.5 interface next to the transmitter of the yingmi interpreter, which can connect the audio line of the 3.5 interface and play the recording and music.Before giving to the tourists, the guiders can check the frequency of the yingmi tour guide ssytem in advance.This allows visitors to access the receiver without the need for frequency manipulation.